The Agribusiness Accelerator seeks to greatly impact the Agriculture startups in Palestine. We support young entrepreneurs by creating new products/new markets or better products/better markets. We work with startups on their ideas, product development and/or market development.

The criteria for applying to the Agribusiness Accelerator :



The applicant must have a promising agriculture business idea or tested initial product prototype


The applicant must be fully dedicated to our incubation and business support program for the duration of no less than 12 months


The applicant should be Palestinian and based in Palestine

Launched in 2016, the Agribusiness Accelerator  targets to invest in 4-5 successful and scalable startup businesses each year. and we bring agriculture players, investors, universities, and advisors to help our startup entrepreneurs adopt new techniques and technologies that can lead to successful agricultural business growth.

Our Projects

Recessing and realisation of ecologically clean honey production, bee glue, bee bread.
producing plants with special solute- as nutritious solute to feed the planted crops in water.